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Welcome to Naturhome , the naturopathic and alternative medicine site aimed at naturally treating you at home!

Naturopathy is primarily aimed at activating, nourishing and strengthening your body rather than eliminating symptoms or directly attacking pathogens.

Naturopathy is practiced by a naturopath who is a health advisor, who focuses on treating the causes and helping the body to find a balance conducive to self-healing using various natural practices.

We are partly responsible for the deficiencies of our organism. Only nature will be able to rectify the situation, provided that we give it the means.







Among the privileged tools of naturopathy, we find in particular food , plants with herbal medicine, essential oils , bach flowers, gemmotherapy and homeopathy, manual techniques with acupuncture, the installation of suction cups, wellness massages, dorsal and plantar reflexology as well as stress management techniques such as EFT , cardiac coherence, music therapy and other preventive techniques such as iridology, plantar reflexology .

You will find in the Alternative Medicine section, all these natural sources. The Nutrition section will familiarize you with the foods that are useful for your health. The Techniques section will bring you care and relaxation and finally the shop will direct you to the companies Nutriméa and Santarel, French specialists in well-being in terms of food supplements.

Finally, a search engine will help you find hundreds of articles, posts, products and essential oils.

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Parmi les outils privilégiés de la naturopathie, on retrouve notamment l'alimentation, les plantes avec la phytothérapie, les huiles essentielles, les fleurs de bach, la gemmothérapie, les techniques manuelles avec les massages bien-être et la réflexologie palmaire et lantaire,  ainsi que les techniques de gestion du stress avec les thérapies brèves comme l'EFT (Technique de Libération Emotionnelle), l'AIT (Thérapie Intégrative Avancée), la cohérence cardiaque, la musicothérapie passives et le bien-être avec les massages du corps.


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massage bien-être chez Rosita PILON




Coffret smartbox et databox

Thérapies Brèves

Thérapies Brèves, EFT, AIT

Carte Cadeau

carte cadeau classique pour des massages bien-être et réflexologie plantaire

Rosita PILON

Naturopathe Psycho-Corporellle,

Réflexologue, Praticienne bien-être.

Agréée SMARTBOX et Cap Adrénaline

Numéro SIRET : 42858700000020

Tél : 0767173435

Les consultations se font au 19 rue Bourvil à GISORS 27140.

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